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Sennheiser Game One Gaming Headset Black Review

Writing our Sennheiser Game One Gaming Headset Black Review , we have discovered that these headphones shows features that make gamers enjoy games with precise and crispy sound. They combine Sennheiser's original transducer technology, which allows you to hear all the details of the games under impressive sound clarity, with the cancellation technology making the conversations been transmitted clearly and without interference, regardless of the environment that surrounds the user.

In addition the microphone also shows noise cancellation technology, and at the same time its headband can be adjusted to suit the player, and, it is even possible to silence the microphone by simply placing it in an upright position.

Specifications Of The Sennheiser Game One Gaming Headset

  • Impedance: 50 Ω
  • Frequency Response: 15 – 28,000 Hz
  • Weight: 10.5 ounces
  • Connectors: 2 x 3.5 mm- 1 x 3.5 mm
  • Sound pressure: 116 dB

Sennheiser Game One Features

  • Open acoustic style
  • Stereo channels
  • 2 Noise cancelling microphone


Very good sound, typical of Sennheiser. Being open gives them a much wider stage amplitude than other models, and also the air flow makes them feel more comfortable when using them. The powerful bass, together with balanced mids and preponderant highs, result in that in general it is a particularly well-balanced headphone.
The microphone is fixed, and is simple to use and the mechanism is practical, since it prevents us from having to use buttons. It is also worth noting that they are quite light and the pads are comfortable avoiding the suffocating sensation, due that its open design is intended to prevent the sweating.


No complains


Sennheiser is always a guarantee of sound quality and this product is not the exception. The headphones are 2.1 but if what you want is the best sound for games and music, without a doubt these are the best choice for it.
The fact that the headphones are open, helps the sound to move more freely offering better quality, but at the expense that the sound can be heard from the outside.
Very high level of finishing and very comfortable to use. The fabric that covers the foam is velvety, giving a pleasant sensation to the ear which is completely inside the headphone.
It also comes with a three meter cable with microphone output and other shorter cable for multipurpose uses.
In summary, these headphones are of a very high quality, and I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Design Of The Sennheiser Game One Headset

Because its flexibility and lightness this headset can wrongly give the impression that is cheaply manufactured, but this is not the case. The technology that is used on this item it is so sophisticated that allow to the product to be light, but at the same time to be really sturdy.

The Game One comes with open acoustics preventing the external noise to filtering in. The material of this headset are mostly plastic, but not be confused, this plastic is the real thing. Talking about the ear pads, they are velvet XXL which feels way more comfortable and easy on the ears that many headphones that I had tried before, specially when gaming for long periods of time.

Open back headsets like the Sennheiser Game One are supposed to be used by gamers who have private rooms and don't have anyone in their proximity while playing their games. If I had to pick my perfect headset, it would definitely be open-back, but  I am also conscious that not everyone can use one.

Game One Microphone

Gaming Performance

Definitely the Game One it is a very good gaming set, and even though you don’t use a software or amp, the Game One's audio provides high-quality sound when talking about gaming.

The Sennheiser Game One shows us that are not necessary fancy equalization softwares for gaming, and if you can provide excellent audio, no matter the lack of equalization options or surround sound feeling, we still think that the product is superior to many products of the competition.

The wide adjustment for the head size is very useful, specially for people that need to wear glasses when they play games . The Game One don't squeeze into their skull like many headsets do. Both cables are braided and are built to resist long time of gaming. The headphone is loud enough, and overall we would say that the headset is a really nice product for anyone who wants to upgrade their gaming skills to the next level.

It is important to highlight that the two transducers in the GAME ONE were developed at the labs of Sennheiser in Germany. They are optimized (no matter what type of game you play) to make you enjoy a realistic and precise reproduction of your favorite game. Every single unit is tested to achieve the highest mechanical and acoustical performance .

Performance Of The Headset(music)

The Game One feels excellent and it is among the best headsets for listening to music, showing a sound that is fantastic to enjoy your favorite pieces.

Gaming headsets have modes that give priority to deep bass and mid-highs, but the Game One sound is in some extent plane for a gamer. The emphasis is on being as clear and precise as possible, instead of trying to twist the audio to be more attractive for gamers through the manipulation of the sound. The Headset makes the sound rich, crispy, and complete without overlooking the mids or highs tones.

It could be easily used as an everyday music headset, but the true is that is that the product stand out when is used for it.

How to- Changing The Ear pads Of The Sennheiser Game One

Buyers Opinion

Buyer 1:

Surely these win every single set outside in terms of sound and microphone quality. I am convinced that Sennheiser builds the number one headset microphone on the market. I like a lot the open back style of the Game One. The sound stage is robust, and it is a really special experience when you are coming from using only closed back headsets. When you use an open back headset you can hear many external sounds, thus if you are gaming in a noisy area it is a good idea to go for another kind of sets, but if you are doing it in a quiet space these headset are the way to go. Recommended.

Buyer 2:

These are far the most comfortable headphone that I have ever used. The fact that is open back is very good for staying cool while gaming for long periods of time. I also like that I can hear more from outside when someone is trying to get my attention. The sound is of very good quality, and I like a lot the volume mechanism on the side. To silent the microphone the only thing that you need to do is to raise it away from you, and then when you listen a click it means that the mic is muted. Extremely good build quality, with a thick and sturdy headband. They also sound awesome.

Buyer 3:

Although, I am not an audiophile I love to have quality audio when I am gaming. I am not able to say you if an expensive Sennheiser or other high end headset would be better for music, nevertheless I am sure that there are models that give you a better sound than others. My budget doesn’t allow me to spend too much money on a headset, and just buy a new one when I have used the old one thoroughly. That being said, this headset is by far the best gaming headphone that I have had the luck to enjoy. You cannot listen to your microphone feed, but if you have a noisy environment, or like a generally more quite experience this is not the product for you.

Sennheiser HeadSetup Pro Manager

Frequent Asked Questions About The Game One

Question: Is it possible to hear yourself when you talk into the mic?

Answer: It is possible to hear yourself speaking as if you were not wearing the headset, but there is no audio feedback from what you say in the microphone being transmitted to the speakers of the headphone.

Question: Do the Game One work with ps4?

Answer: It works but they need an adapter. Sennheiser have the PCV 05 Combo Audio Adapter that is the appropriate to work with the PS4 controller. It works well, and I didn’t have problems at all.

Question: Which cable would work with this headset to extend the length?

Answer: Depends on the cable that you have. You would just need a cable with 3.5mm female to 3.5mm male that supports audio and mic in case that you have the single 3.5mm one. The cable should consist of 3 bans across the jack, and If it is the split cable, then you should get the female ends of audio and microphone to a single 3.5mm that has the combined functions.

Sennheiser Game One Manual

Manual Link

Sennheiser Game One Gaming Headset Black Review Recap

The Game One headset isn't only good for gaming. It is also great for most of the functions that you need it for in a computer. The open back makes the difference. Simply speaking you could wear it forever without your ears getting wet. The headband is of very good quality, and is not too tight, or too loose. The cable is detachable, and also very well manufactured.

The headset is not cheap, but certainly the build quality is awesome. The only complain that some people expressed is about the pads, which sometimes deteriorate overtime. The mic activation by raising and lowering is very nice, and the headband adjustment feature works well. The volume adjustment on the ear is easy to use. Also is useful to know that the Sennheiser Game One comes with a 2 year warranty, but with this level of quality, we really think that it won’t be necessary to use it.

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