Cowin SE7 Bluetooth Audio Wireless Headphones Review

Highlights Of the Cowin SE7

  • Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) Technology
  • Built-in Microphone
  • Foldable Design
  • Built-in 800mAh battery
  • Bluetooth 5.0. capability

Cowin SE7 Specs.

  • Bluetooth playtime: 30 hours
  • Bluetooth and ANC playtime: 20 hours
  • Fit style: Over the ear
  • Weight: 0.6 lbs.


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Fully adjustable
  • Replaceable pads
  • Well located controls



  • Shallow ear cups , but the good news is that can be replaced.


As you will see in our Cowin SE7 Bluetooth Audio Wireless Headphones Review, the product is an upgraded version of the Cowin E7, which is already a great set of headphones.

The SE7 are aesthetically eye-catching and comfortable to wear. Portability is a plus, due to its useful foldable design that is difficult to find in headphones in this price range.
Being more specific we think that the quality of the sound and the noise cancelling feature are at great level, and contribute greatly to the quality of the product as a whole.

The strong black color makes the Cowin SE7 an attractive headphone for people that see headphones as another piece of their look.

Talking about value, we definitely think that this item is great and gives many features that other headphones at this price don’t have.
Finally we recommend the Cowin SE7 to people who want to get good sound quality and an easy to wear on ear headphones.

Cowin SE7 Performance

What differentiate this headphone with other budget ANC headphones is that this model doesn’t release the annoying white noise when you activate the ANC, that other inexpensive models put out. When you turn the SE7 on,  the noise in the background simply is not there.

Comfortability is similar to products made by more prestigious brands, and the sound shows an excellent balance between highs and lows.

The controls allow receiving phone calls by only tapping the power button when the phone rings, and the call quality is good, being the sound of the microphone especially easy to hear on the other end.

The battery life is a decent 50 hours, and latency is not an issue when watching movies or streaming.

Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity and Controls

The Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connectivity feature makes possible that the users are able to fully manage the controls of the headphones from their mobile devices, and also extend the ANC’s 30 hours playtime to 50 hours using Bluetooth mode.

The pairing  of the item between for example a TV, smartphones and other devices is also easy to achieve, and doesn’t show any complicated issue whatsoever.

The high buttons of the controls are well located, and are also easy to manage when you are using the product. The skip and volume buttons work properly, and we didn’t find any issue with its efficient functionality. The headphones let you know about an incoming call when listening to music through a ring, and also the answering or rejection of the call is simple. Beyond that the product give you the chance to control its features remotely from a mobile device using its remarkable Bluetooth capability.

Cowin SE7 ANC Functioning

The ANC of the headphones shows more than decent results, but sometimes people don’t understand how it works. The goal of the ANC is to interfere with low frequency sounds, allowing listening to the sounds that are intended to be listened, and avoid the undesired noise that come from the environment. But to understand the phenomenon more deeply sometimes one Infographic is worth a thousand words, and that is why we have prepared one about the ANC process.

ANC Infographic

Construction and Design

The SE7 comes with upgraded protein earpads cushions that makes them more comfortable to wear and also lighter, which it translate  in that the time that can be wore is longer, even though the producers advice that in high temperature the headphones should be taken off after 1 or 2 hours of usage to preserve the sound quality and comfort.  Besides, the design displays an around ear style with 90 swiveling earcups and a soft material texture to makes it even more comfortable. And finally its foldable headband makes the transport and storage easier. Also the earcups are angled according to the headband, making possible to fit rightly over the ears, and give a perfect isolation.

Video-Cowin SE7 Unboxing

What is in The Box

The Cowin SE7 package comes with the Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth  headphone itself, a stylish storage box to keep it together with the accessories, a micro USB cable,  3.5 mm Audio Cable, and finally a helpful user guide.

Sound Quality

The latency when using this headphone is almost inexistence and together with the fine fault tolerance given by the apt-X, makes you able to enjoy a great sound quality, making possible listening details that without it, would be impossible to discover.

Also we would say that the bass is very good, with the exception that when using the ANC, the quality goes down a little without making it of bad quality.

Beyond that the sound quality of the SE7 is helped by the fact that it comes with a better ANC, and that the Bluetooth is 5.0, which helps also to control it from a considerable distance.

The SE7 supports several audio coding formats like for example; MSBC, CVSD, APTX、AAC, MP3、and SBC、


Question 1: How is the sound quality when using the Bluetooth?

Answer: The sound is really good. especially when playing games or watching movies. The quality of the sound is marginally affected due that the bluetooth is 5.0, and not 4.0 as older models.

Question 2: Do the earpads press over the ears or they allowed some space to wear them comfortably?

Answer: The size of the earpads is big enough to enclose the ears without touching them, but the pressure could be a little smother to avoid excessive pressure.

Question 3: Does the headphone fold  laying flat?

Answer: The SE7 folds inwards, not sideways.

Question 4:  Do they pair easily with a TV?

Answer: If the TV can be connected by bluetooth, the headphones can be easily paired, even through a mobile device.

Question 5: is the headband hard at the level of feeling discomfort on the head?

Answer: It feels comfortable, because the material used in the headband is soft protein leatherette.

Question 6: Do these support aptx low latency?

Answer: Yes they have aptx low latency technology incorporated.

Buyers Opinion

Buyer 1: The headphone folds conveniently and its leatherette material feels soft, the ANC works well, showing a proper isolation.

Buyer 2: Great bass without distortion, and the nearly 40 mm diameter of the earcups is appropriate to wear it comfortably.

Buyer 3: The headphone range is awesome and can be utilized from a significant distance from the source. The design  is  stylish and can be purchased in several colors.

Buyer 4: My bottom line is that in general the headphones are good value, the battery lifetime is decent and Bluetooth allows performing several tasks that not every cheap headphones can do. The best is the price /quality ratio.

Cowin SE7 Manual and Warranty

Get the link

The warranty has a duration of 18 months, and the customer service usually take care efficiently about any issue. The topics covered in the manual are;

Headphones controls, how to charge the battery, Noise cancellation feature, Bluetooth feature, indicators of status, wired connectivity ,maintenance, care and troubleshooting.

Producers Profile

Cowin is mostly known forits noise cancelling technology, and their products, beyond to be very good sellers, presents affordable prices for items of this technological level.

Cowin production line is located in Shenzhen, the technological hub of China, and the products are submitted to strict quality controls on the spot. Later on they are packaged to the warehouses to ship them to their distribution channels, and then to their customers.

Cowin SE7 Bluetooth Audio Wireless Headphones Review Wrap Up

In short this product is very good value, and even though the design is not so eye-catching like for example the E7 Pro, it is a nice good looking one.

Unlike other models on the market this item comes already charged, so you can start to use it instantly.

Even though it is difficult to believe, they feel more comfortable than the E7 pro, which were already very comfortable.

The noise cancelling capability works very well, thanks to the obvious improvement that shows comparing with more outdated products of the same producer.

Finally we should remark the fact that  today is very difficult to find good headphone like the Cowin SE7 in these range of prices, and if some people want to get a great value for their money headphone, they will not get disappointed when acquiring this product. Conclusion: We strongly recommend this item from Cowin.

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